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Human Capital Assessment

How are you and your team wired?

It’s been all over the internet lately, employee engagement is at an all-time low. How do you get your teams to work smarter and closer together? Are your leaders really leading? How do you reduce turnover? How do you increase your ROI? These are questions business executives ask themselves.

In today’s environment, companies need to be as efficient as possible. Profiling through MillerNet People Solutions using Core Values Index is 97% accurate based on repeat score reliable year over year AND only takes 10 minutes. (Result is from third party testing)

Many Business Owners/Leaders are great at what they do, but not necessarily at HR – which includes hiring or coaching your employees for better performance. Do you shy away from this? You are not alone.

Making people decisions is difficult at the best of times – this includes adding people to your team, or having to make the difficult decision to downsize. I have seen great success by just changing two people into different roles within the same company. The trick is – finding those two people.

You have heard of the old expression – the 80/20 rule. Twenty % of your team bring in 80% of the business, profits etc. Can you imagine if you could have that type of statistics in your business? You can!!

Strong and constructive communication and knowing how each person on the team is wired is really the basis for getting your business increasing your ROI.

Human Capital Assessment Profiling can help you to make informed decisions on who needs to stay and who needs to go relative to the needs of your company moving forward. Profiling will help you be proactive rather than reactive because this is real science. Take advantage of the 80/20 rule! Have the best people based on their innate unchanging core values compliment the requirements for your company’s success.

Let us help you with: Customized Strategic planning and Business optimization. Improve and reduce team conflict. Leadership and management training/coaching. Most importantly start seeing a more productive team.

We provide solutions for the health of your business.

The goal should always be sustainability, not just success! Isn’t it time you had this for your company?

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