Recruitment 2.0

Recruitment – Let’s compare……

With old-style staffing firms, you would be charged an average of 25% of the successful candidate’s first year’s salary. They forward resumes for you to screen and review. You then have to conduct the interviews, taking more time away from your work. All resumes presented by a staffing firm are the property of the company. Staffing firms goals are to close the order with their candidate. Should you wish to hire any of the other candidates for additional positions, they would also charge 25% to hire that person.

MillerNet HR’s hybrid style of recruiting and resourcing is different! Our hires have a 93% retention rate. We offer true business alignment. Our goals are your goals. Unlike the old-style staffing firms, you simply pay an hourly rate. Our hires cost a fraction of a typical staffing firm’s price. We know the best places for an online job posting that result in many quality applicants – that are your candidates for future growth. We screen, review and set interviews that work with your schedule and are conducted at your office. Hiring managers are included in the interviews, providing an opportunity for you to learn the process, improving your skills. The follow-up debriefs together after the interview has proven highly beneficial in a successful long-term hire, who not only meets the technical requirements of your position but is also a great fit into your workplace culture. We really would be an extension of your team in this process.

MillerNet HR has helped many happy clients find great people with high retention statistics! Our unique approach and business model supersede that of a staffing firm while adding more value to your business. 

A big reason for our high retention rate is our in-depth knowledge technically of the roles we hire for.  Our success is that we intimately understand the technical requirements and fit for your company.  This relays into a firm yet fair technical interview of candidates. 

Amp it up by taking advantage of our assessment tool, Core Value Index (CVI), the best energy assessment tool in question that is cost efficient and has 97% repeat-score reliability year over year.  While MillerNet HR will still conduct all the screening, top candidates can take this assessment to uncover if they are the best fit for the role – based on how they are wired.  This will ensure that you will be hiring only “A” players on your team. 

Areas of expertise: all Engineering Disciplines, Financial of all levels, IT/IS and Software Developers, Jr – Sr. Administration, Sales Professionals, Executive and Management. 

Why not decrease your costs, while finding and retaining great new employees to join your team? Call today to learn more 403 719-9800.