HR Services

Management Coaching

Being at the top is lonely (or so they say). Having a coach or confidant who can be a sounding board, help roll out initiatives and ensure compliance is a common request. Do you know how to have meaningful coaching conversations with your employees? Do you know how to start and maintain proper employee files? We have many clients in many industries. We see best practices and provide genuine insight into our clients’ businesses. MillerNet HR will give you the confidence that you are doing the right things as you build your business.

Policies and Procedures

MillerNet HR develops custom written policies and procedures for any business requirement. If you have over five employees in your company, you need a handbook! A handbook should outline for employees how to behave and perform and what will happen if they fail to meet those expectations. A handbook tailored to the way you do business helps ensure that managers across the organization handle issues consistently. In case the need arises, a well-written handbook is the first step of a successful defense of any legal claims since all employees were given the manual at the time of hiring. Do you have each employee sign that they acknowledge everything outlined in the handbook?  While this is not the last step in educating employees of the content of the handbook, it is a crucial first step to protecting the interests of your business.  

Handbooks/Guiding Principals set the tone of your company culture and is the starting point for coaching conversations such as respect in the workplace, dress code, how to request vacation time, social media and much much more.  Handbooks can be ten pages and up. It is a living document that you can grow with.  

Other relevant custom documents include but are not limited to: offer letters, non-compete documents, contracts, Performance Improvement Plans (PIP's) and termination letters.

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Performance Management

Having a team perform at its best increases not only engagement but also job satisfaction and productivity; ultimately resulting in higher profit. MillerNet HR works with managers and supervisors to coach and provides guidance to navigate difficult or challenging people issues with confidence.

  • Private coaching conversations with leaders as your confidant to discuss situations and options for positive employee outcomes.  
  • Custom performance management program roll out, including 360 reviews.
  • Coaching and guiding all supervisors on how to conduct proper reviews, address areas of concern and work toward long-term career engagement with their employees.
  • Advice on how to appropriately and legally roll out a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) to get employees on track with expectations.
  • Employee engagement initiatives and succession planning. 

Pulse Reviews

Why wait until an employee gives notice and quits to find out? Pulse reviews are conducted with core team members, both tenured and new. We uncover what is working, what is not working, determine engagement levels, and more. Pulse review findings are very illuminating. For one client, this sparked a reorganization that moved leaders into different roles for which they were better suited for the bench strength of the company. For another client, the information was so insightful on what he was doing well and not well, it allowed the leader to grow and improve his skills which improved retention and engagement of his team. 

Do you really know what your employees think of their employer? Take that leap to find out. 

Exit Interviews

Only 10% of companies conduct exit interviews, yet the information they provide is invaluable. Speaking with departing employees is critical to capture their last words and impressions – the “why” they are leaving. Trends can be identified, and this information can be used to make improvements for a better, healthier organization.

Clients like this service, because the departing employee will speak more freely with us vs. their manager or another internal employee. We uncover the motivation why the employee is leaving. Sometimes this reason can be the employee's supervisor.  Presidents and Owners need to know this is happening in their business to mitigate losing good employees and manage the situation.


Terminating an employee is a tough decision and one that sometimes is not made quickly enough, negatively impacting the business, its employees, and its clients. Supervisor coaching with what to say (and more importantly, what not to say,) custom termination letters, severance advice and notification of termination are all done in partnership with MillerNet HR. We are there for our clients before, during and after the termination. Be confident this significant action is done right.

This is the toughest action leaders can take.  We are told that our being there made it so much more easier for leaders.  Clients felt confident that we managed this activity in accordance with labor laws while maintaining the best interest of the client and their company.  

An optional second step for employers is to have MillerNet HR provide custom outplacement services for the departing employee.  This includes; resume writing, advice on networking, managing their brand on LinkedIn, and the very favorable coaching on how to best present themselves in an interview. Again, this service is by the hour.  

If you have an employee situation that may need to lead to termination, don't wait any longer for this to continue. Contact MillerNet HR and have the conversation about options you have for the health of your business.

Manage Return to work programs

Do you have an employee who was away for an extended period due to a health event or injury on STD or LTD? Let MillerNet HR work with you to best roll out a program and schedule to accommodate the returning worker. Understand what rights you as the employer have, and what your employee rights are too regarding accommodation. 

Employment Law and Human Rights Legislation

All businesses must be fully compliant with labor laws and human rights. Can you imagine the immense hassle, not only in time but also in dollars, if you had to address a legal complaint? While we are not employment lawyers, we do have very good knowledge of provincial and federal labor laws. MillerNet HR Solutions also holds $1 million in errors and omissions insurance. You can be confident that you are receiving the best advice for the health of your business. Cease and Desist letters are custom created with the same impact from a lawyer without the extreme costs. 

Custom Resume Writing/Linkedin Profile Creation

Resume Writing Have your resume written by Patty Miller, CHRP. Patty has hired hundreds of people in her career. Imagine the many more hundreds of interviews and resumes screened that took place? Imagine how many resumes were deleted? This insight as a "Gate Keeper" leads to knowing what resumes really need to get noticed. Our process is to have a personal interview first, to better understand your achievements, skills and your hot shot moments. During the interview, you will get coaching advice on how to better answer the interview questions.  You will now be better prepared for a real interview.  While we are taking notes about you, you will be taking notes too, as this process will be very illuminating to help you land your next opportunity. From the interview notes, your current resume and any other documents that help us understand you best, you receive a strong resume you can be proud of. 

Your resume needs to get the attention in less than 10 seconds. Does yours?

LinkedIn Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. If you do not use LinkedIn - you should. Your profile should be a combination of your personal brand and resume, not just your resume. We can create custom Corporate profiles/Personal profiles that best promote you. Do you have your job title on your profile, or do you have a Tag Line? Use those precious 120 characters to make a bigger impact!  

First impressions count, make sure your profile is one that stands above the crowd.

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