Custom Resume Writing/Linkedin Profile Creation

Resume Writing Have your resume written by Patty Miller, CHRP. Patty has hired hundreds of people in her career. Imagine the  many more hundreds of interviews and resumes screened that took place? Imagine how many resumes were deleted? This insight as a “Gate Keeper” lends to knowing what resumes really need to get noticed. Our process, is to have a personal interview first, to better understand your achievements, skills and your hot shot moments. During the interview, you will get coaching advice on how to better answer the interview questions.  You will now be better prepared for a real interview.  While we are taking notes about you, you will be taking notes too, as this process will be very illuminating to help you land your next opportunity. From the interview notes, your current resume and any other documents that help us understand you best, you receive a strong resume you can be proud of. 

Your resume needs to get the attention in less than 10 seconds. Does yours?

LinkedIn Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. If you do not use LinkedIn – you should. Your profile should be a combination of your personal brand and resume, not just your resume. We can create custom Corporate profiles/Personal profiles that best promote you. Do you have your job title on your profile, or do you have a Tag Line? Use those precious 120 characters to make a bigger impact!  

First impressions count, make sure your profile is one that stands above the crowd.

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