Back In The Saddle Again

Get Calgary Back in The Saddle Again!

Monday February 13th, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Gerry Thomas Gallery
602 11 Ave SWCalgary, Alberta

Patty Miller

An exclusive invitation from Patty Miller CPHR and President, MillerNet HR Solutions Inc.

No two companies face the same challenges yet there are solutions you will benefit from that are applicable to your business.


*Proven business strategies
*Managing the existing base of client business, while building a new stronger client base
*Tight controls and management techniques for sales teams; returning to the basics and causing increased right activity.
*Diversifications that work and intentional dropping of some client business (for the right reasons). What is right for your company and how to know this.
*Increased daily management practices to control cash and increase cash-flow; right levels of micro-management

Lynn Taylor

It's time to recharge and get Calgary thriving again!

Mr. Taylor has successfully led over 250 corporate turnarounds and will speak about case studies and solutions you can implement in your company the next day!

What you will get in the afternoon:

  • Two-hour informative and educational presentation from Lynn Taylor, Business Turnaround Expert and in-demand Leadership Speaker and President of Taylor Protocols in Seattle, WA. 
  • Your personal complimentary CVI results (Core Values Index - the most accurate Human Assessment tool on the planet with a repeat score reliability of 97% - you cannot ask for better than that!) 
  • CVI for another key member of your company’s leadership team
  • CVIs for up to 6 immediate family members 
  • Appetizers, Beverages and Door prizes in the beautiful surroundings of an Art Gallery 
  • Total Value in CVIs $800.00

All this for $199.99 plus GST

We are only inviting Business Leaders to this event which is exclusively designed and intentionally crafted to grow your bottom line in 2017.  Invest in yourself and your business by attending this amazing event. Act now, you will not be disappointed.

Below is a special message from Lynn Tayor, Business Optimization Expert

MillerNet HR Solutions has been working with Western Canadian Businesses for over seven years. Working with Business Leaders, Patty Miller, CPHR understands how to improve the health of your business with all things HR.  As a Certified Coach and licensed for CVI (Core Values Index), the time is NOW to help companies wrangle up some extra support to get back in the saddle again!

In addition to an energized presentation from Patty Miller and Lynn Taylor, prior to the event, you will receive a free link to take the most accurate Human Assessment tool on the planet –The CVI (Core Values Index). This is the tool Mr. Taylor developed that became instrumental in his success. With a 97% repeat-score reliability and taking less than 10 minutes to complete, it is unquestionably the best measure of your innate, unchanging nature and how that translates to success in the corporate world. Other Personality and Behavioral tools have a repeat-score reliability of 60-80% as independently verified by a 3rd party along with CVI. 

Cost $199.99 + GST
Seating is limited.  Just a simple click to sign up and you are in!